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Inflating tyres and powering air tools are only two examples of the many uses for air compressors. However, did you know about the use of air compressor for pressure washing? There are a few things to be aware of when using an air compressor as a pressure washer. You must ensure that you have the appropriate accessories because an air compressor lacks the power of a pressure washer. Additionally, for your air compressor to function as a pressure washer, it must have the right PSI. You can use your air compressor as a pressure washer if you have the appropriate attachments and PSI! Just be careful to take all necessary safety measures. In today’s blog we will discuss on air compressor for pressure washing.

With everything we end up requiring to keep our homes running well, our garages and storage spaces may become very congested. Some people don’t even have room in their garage for their car, let alone basic gardening equipment, mowers, holiday decorations, or bicycles.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have several tools in one? If you already own an air compressor, you might have noticed that pressure washing appears to benefit from the Air compressor for pressure washing. Perhaps there is a way to connect your current air compressor with the desired pressure washer.

Air Compressor For Pressure Washing
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Air Compressor: Overview

Every home or commercial establishment needs an air compressor. They are now smaller and lighter than they once were, which makes them more suitable for different work and living spaces. Additionally, they are portable power sources for single-air tools. The fact that air compressors are significantly more powerful than ordinary tools and do not require huge motors is a key advantage. A single engine that makes the best use of air pressure may power a range of tools. They merely need a little oiling, which is all that is necessary for maintenance. Here you can consider air compressor for pressure washing.

Their versatility extends beyond the drills and sanders on the workbench; they can be used for anything from home sink unclogging to inflating a tyre (like the ones at the petrol station). With air compressors, human ingenuity is on display. To choose the best air compressor for your job, it is crucial to understand how they work. So we can think about air compressor for pressure washing!

How do Air Compressor Function?

If you are looking for identifying air compressor for pressure washing, you must know first how air compressor works. So where does an air compressor get its air from? For those who use pistons, it consists of two steps: raising the pressure and lowering the air. Most air compressors employ reciprocating piston technology. The compressor draws in the air and creates a vacuum in order to reduce the volume. The vacuum forces the air into the storage tank from the chamber. After the air pressure in the storage tank reaches its peak, the compressor turns off. This process is known as the duty cycle. The compressor will restart when the pressure drops below a specified point. For air compressors, storage tanks are not necessary, and some of the smaller types omit them in favor of mobility.

Air Compressor for Pressure Washing

Simply put, the response is no. The pressures needed or regarded as typical for a pressure washer cannot be used with a garden hose. However, a specialized adapter that makes a pressure washer gun function with an air compressor & garden hose may be available for purchase. Their approach involves forcing the jet stream to become more strong and narrow. With pressure washer accessories, like a pneumatic spray gun, air compressors can still be utilized for routine cleaning. The majority of conventional air compressors have a maximum pressure output of 150 PSI. You could still obtain roughly 250 PSI by using nozzles and adapters. However, the pressure washer for air compressor  begins at around 1200 PSI.

Due to the significant pressure difference, pressure washer performance cannot be duplicated by an air compressor. Therefore, cleaning tasks that don’t require a pressure washer’s enormous power, such as washing a cycle, a toy vehicle, filthy objects, etc., can be accomplished with an air compressor. With an adapter like this spray cannon that connects your garden hose and air compressor, you can turn your air compressor into a pressure washer.

Pressure Washer Attachment for Air Compressor

You must have the appropriate attachments when utilizing an air compressor as a pressure washer. You’ll require a garden hose, a high-pressure hose, and a wand as the three major attachments. The air compressor and pressure washer are connected with a garden hose, while the air compressor and wand are connected with a high-pressure hose. You’ll truly pressure wash with the wand. In order for your air compressor to function as an air compressor washer, you’ll also need to make sure that it has the appropriate PSI. A pressure washer normally has a PSI of 1000–2000, but the majority of air compressors have a PSI of roughly 100–120. This means that in order to use an air compressor for pressure washing, it must have a high PSI.

You can use your air compressor for pressure washing if you have the appropriate attachments and PSI! Just be careful to take all necessary safety measures. Always read the owner’s manual of your air compressor before using it as a pressure washer, and be sure to put on all required safety gear, including gloves, goggles, and ear protection.

Air Compressor For Pressure Washing
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Air Compressor as Pressure Washer Usage

If you want air compressor for pressure washing, so here is the answer. An air compressor cannot be used as a pressure washer. The greatest thing you can do is add an air compressor to an existing pressure washer to boost its power. You may get a pressure washer attachment for the air compressor from any hardware store. In the steps below, we’ll demonstrate how to use an air compressor as a pressure washer.

Activate the Air Compressor

The air compressor must be turned on and given time to build up pressure. The pressure may then be monitored by just looking at the gauge. On the gauge, the PSI level will be shown. A PSI of 30 should be attained as a minimum.

Connect the Water Supply

Simply connect the water supply to one end of the garden hose in the next step. The source could be a garden or garage tap.

Connect Attachment

The pressure washer attachment, which will supply you with air pressure, should be connected to the other end of the garden hose. The water line is now attached to the hose gun on your pressure washer.

It’s Tightly Fastened

Using the air hose from the air compressor attachment, attach the air hose to the airline connector. Make certain that it collects at the air hose’s end. You ought to hear a sound once it’s fully installed.

Activate the Tap

After that, turn on the tap to check its strength. It’s a positive indication that it’s functioning if it’s stronger than usual. If not, make sure that every attachment is properly fastened by checking each one individually.

Clean Up Your House

Finally, just aim the cannon at the area you want to clear and start cleaning!

air compressor washer
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Can a pressure washer be converted from an air compressor? You won’t get the same results if you convert your air compressor/garden hose into a pressure washer if you are thinking about air compressor for pressure washing, so keep that in mind. This does not imply that it has no value; on the contrary, it might be helpful for maintaining pressure washing equipment. Hope this write up will help you about air compressors for pressure washing utilization.

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