How To Make an Air Compressor Quiet

How To Make an Air Compressor Quiet

Air compressors are incredible tools. They can run pneumatic tools, pump air into tyres, spray paint, and carry out a variety of other essential operations. But a noisy compressor is almost the only item that can be called bothersome. Do you know How to make an air compressor quiet? You are using an air compressor if you own or rent home repair tools like grinders, sanders, jackhammers, nail guns, and spray painters. These come in a variety of sizes, from little pancake compressors to enormous, appropriately noisy machines. There is a lot going on; you can hear some noise as the air is drawn in, compressed, and expelled.

Many different projects benefit greatly from air compressors. Most homeowners and renters have at least a modest compressor in their garage or workshop since they are so useful. They can operate air tools, blow up rafts and sports balls, inflate bike and automobile tires, and even make painting operations easier. But due to the loud operation of these devices, everybody who has ever been near a compressor has left with ringing ears. Fortunately, there are several techniques to How to make an air compressor quiet.

Every home should have an air compressor since they are useful tools in a variety of circumstances. One never knows when they might come in handy. Since they are so helpful, having one is usually a good idea. In this blog we will discuss on How to make an air compressor quiet. So keep reading!

Air compressor noise levels

The majority of air compressors on the market produce noise in the 40 to 90 decibel range. Even though 40 decibels isn’t particularly loud, anything over 85 dB can permanently harm your ears. Decibels are used to measure sound. The louder the sound, the greater the decibel. Additionally, decibels can eventually cause hearing impairment. Therefore, we need to grasp how noisy air compressors actually are in order to comprehend how crucial it is to make your air compressor quieter. For your home peace you must know How to make an air compressor quiet!

Most compressors, particularly those intended for residential use, won’t result in long-term hearing loss. But there are other factors to take into account. Consider the neighbors and members of your own family as well as other nearby folks. For your own benefit, you might want to muffle the compressor’s sounds since some people find it difficult to concentrate when it’s loud. The noise also gives some people headaches. You should take important steps for How to make an air compressor quiet.

It is up to you and others around you to decide how loud is too loud. Most air compressors operate between 70 and 80 dB, which is just loud enough to be bothersome to people around.

How To Make an Air Compressor Quiet
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What Makes air Compressor so Loud

In order to know How to make an air compressor quiet, you must first have an idea about what makes it Noisy. The loudness of air compressors is caused by a variety of factors. These include materials, positioning, air intake, and exhaust, as well as vibration. To make your compressor quieter, you can address just one of these issues, or all of them. Let us have a look below;


To some extent, all air compressors vibrate. The compressor is likely to generate more noise the more severe the vibrations, especially if it is set down on a hard floor.

Intake of Air

To function, air compressors must be able to draw air in. After all, compressing air is their sole responsibility. One of the loudest components of the overall noise level during operation is air intake.


Both the exhaust and the air intake of a compressor make noise. This helps the device produce noise when combined with the other components.

Placed Area

Another aspect is where the air compressor is located. It’s possible that the noise the compressor makes will be amplified by the walls of a big, empty space, making it louder than it otherwise would be. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to lower this noise level.

Type and Material

Oil-free compressors tend to be slightly louder than oil-lubricated models, and inexpensively made models tend to be louder than high-quality compressors. There are many different types of air compressors, some of which are made with built-in sound dampening materials or designed for quiet operation. Gas-powered air compressors are louder than electric air compressors, thus electric air compressors are typically a better choice if you’re seeking for a quiet compressor.

How to make an air Compressor quiet?

Now that you know why air compressors are so noisy, let’s discuss how to reduce some of the noise so you can work without the loud, distracting noise that an air compressor produces.

How To Make an Air Compressor Quiet
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Move Air Intake Outside

Moving the air intake outside is worthwhile because it is one of the compressor’s loudest components. All you’ll need, if you have a portable compressor, is a larger hose and perhaps an extension cord. It will be good for How to make an air compressor quiet.

Air Compressor Silencer Kit

How to make an air compressor quiet? Investing in an air intake silencer kit is a somewhat simpler way to lessen the noise produced by your air compressor. These tiny parts, sometimes known as air intake mufflers, are quite effective at lowering air intake noise.

Noise Reduction Box

The construction of a soundproof box can be the ideal next DIY project if you have a noisy compressor. It is beneficial for How to make an air compressor quiet. Other silencing compressor websites advise you to just buy a soundproof box, however this isn’t the wisest course of action. Because compressor engines get hot, putting them in a box with inadequate ventilation will inevitably result in an overheated compressor. Fortunately, a soundproof housing for your compressor may be made rather cheaply.

Place in Another Room

The idea behind this is comparable to that of the box above. You may easily solve the problem if you can move your compressor into a different room and are prepared to invest a few dollars on soundproofing materials for how to make an air compressor quiet. This could even be a “closet” big enough for the compressor to have enough airflow.

Use Rubber

Rubber is a fantastic material for minimizing air compressor vibrations. Rubber grommets (such as these) can be used to dampen noise when mounting a compressor. When installed properly, the rubber grommets assist in absorbing vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted from the compressor to the mounting framework.

Protect your Hearing

This one is a little bit dishonest. However, it’s astounding how few individuals think to wear hearing protection when operating an air compressor. While it won’t actually quit the compressor, doing this will benefit your working ears.

Purchase Quiet Compressor

Again, this isn’t a clear instruction on how to turn off your compressor. This advice is instead for those who want to buy a compressor but are concerned about the noise it would make. The good news is that there are solutions for compression that are quieter. However, no compressor is absolutely silent. It’s crucial to keep in mind that employing a compressor will always include some level of noise.

How To Make an Air Compressor Quiet
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Examine Lubrication Level

A happy air compressor is a quieter air compressor, and adequate lubrication is the first step in that direction. Check the oil level in oil-flooded compressors (which may be rotary screw, rotary vane, or piston-style) many times a week to ensure that it is not getting low. Oil should be changed at least once a year or more frequently, depending on operation circumstances and periods.

Tighten Bolts

Maintenance is crucial. Vibrations generated by your air compressor may cause objects to gradually become looser over time. To stop the unit from rattling, tighten any loose bolts or screws, and make sure your belts and bearings are in good working order.

Advice for Quiet Air Compressors

We have a bit advice for you if your are searching for How to make an air compressor quiet! Compressor has an 8-gallon tank and a 120 PSI maximum working pressure. One of the quieter air compressors on the market, especially considering the tank capacity, the noise level won’t go above 60 dB. It boasts a low-maintenance oil-free pump and wheels and a carrying handle for simple portability.


Although they can be very noisy, air compressors are useful for home improvement and restoration projects. If you use your air compressor frequently enough, the loud noises could potentially harm your hearing in addition to being bothersome. The excessive amounts of noise these devices produce can be reduced by adjusting the intake, wrapping the engine, or even enclosing your air compressor. Hope this blog will help you. How to make a compressor quiet!

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